Importing Currency Exchange Rates in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Many businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and R3 use third party vendors for obtaining currency exchange rates and then manually maintaining them for a given time period in Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Beginning with the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX R2 a new framework was introduced to allow exchange rates to be imported. The existing exchange rate import features that were available for various countries/regions have been consolidated and a framework for exchange rate import features is now available.

Companies can now add their own exchange rate provider in C# or X++ to work with the standard AX 2012 framework to import currency exchange rates and periodically update as rates change. Setup for exchange rate providers in Standard AX 2012 can be found as follows:

1. Navigate to General ledger>Setup>Currency>Configure exchange rate providers.

2. Click ‘Add’ button.

Configure exchange rate providers

3. Select exchange rate provider* and click <OK> button.

*Note the list of exchange rate providers can be updated in C# or X++ to add your currency exchange rate provider who offers an interactive interface to obtain exchange rate data.

List of exchange rate providers dynamics ax

4. Url information will be added to the Configure exchange rate provider*

configure exchange rate provider in dynamics ax


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