Important Changes to D365 Finance and Supply Chain Continuous Updates: 10.0.38 GA Release Delay

While the preview version of widely anticipated 10.0.38 release came out in November as planned, the GA (General Availability) date hit a minor snag. According to a post on Yammer by Microsoft Senior Engineering Manager, Jesper Seeberg, there have been reported blocking issues with journal entries, preventing access or the ability to make changes to financial journals when adding non-ledger account types on multiple lines. Their research has also shown that if a second row is created within a financial journal containing a non-ledger account type, the page could possibly become unresponsive.

Mark your Calendars

Due to this newfound challenge, the original GA date of December 22nd, 2023 for the update version, 10.0.38 will now be pushed back to January 12th, 2024. Although this date has been pushed back, no additional delays are currently expected as the Auto-Update Schedule Production start date (February 2nd, 2024) and End of Service date (August 23rd, 2024) will remain the same.

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