Help Desk SLA

Help Desk Service Level Agreements

Ellipse Solutions will provide technical and functional support on an ongoing basis. Dedicated resources will be assigned to manage customer requests. Additional resources will be utilized as needed.

When an event is logged, the user group will determine the priority level of the incident. Below is the outline of the existing levels of support.

Priority Level 1 - System inoperable, or operating but cannot process any transactions:

  • Examples include Application Object Server crashing for an unknown reason, data restore due to hardware failure, etc.
  • Initial Response Time: 2 hours | Estimated Resolution Time: 4 hours

Priority Level 2 - System running and processing transactions, but impacting ability to conduct business:

  • Examples include invoice posting to incorrect GL account, data collection issues, report generation issues, etc.
  • Initial Response Time: 4 hours | Estimated Resolution Time: 24 hours

Priority Level 3 - System running and processing transactions, but resolution needed:

  • Examples include user security setup, configuration issues, etc.
  • Initial Response Time: 8 hours | Estimated Resolution Time: 48 hours


Support Plan Hours:

  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET - Monday-Friday (Excluding U.S. National Holidays)


Event Resolution

Depending on the severity indicated by the ticket logger, the resolution is estimated within the time indicated. Resolution means that the problem has been diagnosed and a solution has been recommended and if necessary implemented by the Ellipse Solutions technical team.

Upon initial creation of a Help Desk event the Ellipse Solutions team will work directly with the Customer’s users and staff to document all information regarding the specific issue. This includes, where possible, understanding the steps necessary to recreate the issue.



The following information will be documented by Ellipse Solutions:

  • All contacts and activities with the Customer related to Help Desk tickets
  • All resolutions will be stored in a searchable database for future reference
  • Hours will be documented, and provide for the Customer in periodic reports

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