Handling RMAs On Mobile Devices in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Microsoft has done it again!  Along with the delivery of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and the numerous functionality bonuses, the use of RF devices to process Return Material Adjustments/Authorizations entered the scene.

Once the system setup has been completed in AX 2012 R3, the RMA process on the RF device becomes a few easy scans and clicks.  None of these Warehouse or RF requirements are particularly complex.  Here is a quick list of what should not be overlooked:

  • Create a Work Class specific to the Return “work”.
  • Create a Work Template specific for the Return “work”.
  • Create any new Inventory Status codes necessary to facilitate the handling strategy of the returns, if needed.
  • Setup a Disposition code (or codes, if multiple are necessary).  Each Disposition code will need to be linked to an Inventory Status and the Work Template from the previous setup steps.
  • Create a Location Directive to instruct the RF through the process.
  • Create the RF Menu Item and add it to the Mobile device menu.

After a return order is created in AX, using the RF device, the return can be processed by opening the RMA menu item, entering or scanning the RMA ID, scanning the item, and entering the quantity.  A disposition code is required.  The work details have been created and will be displayed on the RF device as defined in the work template.

Setup Requirements

1. Work Class Creation

  • Navigate to Warehouse > Setup > Work > Work Classes
  • In this example, refer to RMA:

Work classes dynamics ax

2. Work Template

  • Navigate to Warehouse > Work > Work Templates
  • The work order type is “return orders”
  • Select “New”
  • Move to the lower section of the form and select “New”
  • Create the work steps necessary to complete the process, marking the steps mandatory or not.  Reference the Work Class ID created earlier.
  • In this example, refer to RMA:

work templates dynamics ax

3. Inventory Status

  • Navigate to Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory > Inventory Status
  • Complete this step only if an additional inventory status is necessary

inventory status dynamics ax

4. Disposition Code

  • Navigate to Warehouse Management > Mobile Device > Disposition Codes
  • Select “new” and fill in the name, inventory status, work template code, and return disposition code
  • In this example, refer to RMA Credit and RMA Scrap:

dynamics ax disposition codes

5. Location Directive

  • Navigate to Warehouse Management > Setup > Location Directives
  • The work order type is “return orders”
  • Select “New”
  • Associate the Disposition Code previously created to the information for the directive and complete the directive
  • In this example, refer to RMA:

dynamics ax location directives

6. RF Menu Item

  • Navigate to Warehouse Management > Setup > Mobile device > Mobile Device menu items
  • Select “New” and assign it a name and title with a mode of “work”

mobile device menu items in dynamics ax

  • Close the form
  • Select Mobile Device Menu, and locate the new menu item under Available menus and menu items
  • Click on it to highlight the selection
  • Click the “<” which will add it to the RF device menu.

mobile device menu in dynamics ax

Processing the RMA on the RF

  • On the RF Device, select the RMA Process menu item
  • Enter the RMA#
  • Enter the Item, quantity and disposition code
  • Review the Work details and follow the work that was created using the proper location directive and work template

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