GL Setup for Main Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and R3 there are some fields on the General ledger>Common>Main accounts that must be configured for each legal entity (Company).  Also there are some fields on the Main account that cannot be configured for the legal entity but are configured at the Chart of accounts level.  Of course, the Chart of accounts can be setup for only one Company but the control is in the assignment of the Chart of accounts to the Ledger (General ledger>Setup>Ledger) and not in the Main account setup (General ledger>Common>Main accounts). Most of the company specific setup for ‘Main account’ is familiar functionality from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and has been added back to AX 2012 R2 and AX2012 R3 with similar functionality.

To view the fields that are configured on the Main account specific to legal entity (Company) you must complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to General Ledger -> Common -> Main accounts, open the form.

2. Select a Main account and click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Maintain’ grouping in the ribbon.

General Ledger Setup Dynamics AX

3. When the Main account form opens select the account you want to view the Company specific setup. Click the drop down for ‘Select the level of main account to display’ and select ‘Companies’.

general ledger setup main account dynamics ax level companies

4. After selecting Companies, click the green “plus sign” to select the company that the setup is applicable.

GL setup main account applicable company dynamics ax

5. A new selection field for ‘Allocation’ is now visible on the ‘General’ fast tab, when selected the button ‘Allocation terms’ will be enabled (menu bar for the ‘General’ fast tab). A new grouping for ‘Sales tax’ with fields related to Sales tax setup on the ‘Setup’ fast tab, new fast tabs with applicable fields for ‘Financial statement’ and ‘Financial dimensions’ are now also visible.

allocation check box gl main account setup dynamics ax

6. Several fields for the main account cannot be setup at the company level. These fields are grayed out and not updatable when the ‘Select the level of main account to display’ is set to a ‘Company’ value. Two of the fields grayed out, to be noted, are the ‘Main account and the ‘Name’ of the main account. If a ‘Chart of accounts’ is shared with multiple legal entities the ‘Name’ of the main account is shared and cannot be configured at the company level.

shared main account gl setup dynamics ax

***The primary challenge with the Main account company setup is the use of default ‘Financial dimensions’.***

If the Chart of accounts is ‘shared’ with other legal entities and the same Account structures are used from multiple legal entities.  When defaulting a dimension for a specific company and not in the other companies and the same account structure is used, the account structure will need to accommodate all possible values for all companies (legal entities) with the same account structure.

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