General Journal Import in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Today we will discuss the persistent challenge common with many Dynamics AX implementations. On numerous occasions, a requirement exists to import financial transactions from external sources (for example, 3rd party payroll service). Dynamics AX 2012 provides standard functionality to setup the data load option using Data Import/Export Framework

(see the MSDN blog posting with instructions



However, this solution is inflexible as the standard General Ledger DIXF load requires the source data file to include such fields as Journal number or Voucher number, which are unlikely to be provided by outside sources. A few additional inconveniences typically get in the way:

  1. The standard DIXF GL import service validates the file before it will actually process it. This validation fails if the Voucher and/or Journal number are left blank in the inbound document.
  2. The out-of-the-box “Opening balance” GL service does not handle the creation of a journal header. It will simply insert detail lines into a previously created journal. Therefore, even if this import process could have assigned a random number sequence ID, there wouldn’t actually exist a journal header to view the data.

With that in mind, Ellipse Solutions has developed a feature to further automate and ease the procedures and to import journal transactions directly from a created journal header, without the need to manually manipulate the import file. Here is a quick video introduction of this feature:

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