Dynamics 365 for Field Services

Manage operations in the field and deliver real-time project visibility with an ERP for Field Services built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Do you have real-time visibility into the profitability and progress of all of your field service projects? Are all aspects of your field services managed in one solution or in multiple, disconnected solutions? Are you certain you can have the right people in the right place at the right time to serve your customers?

Properly managing and streamlining your field service operations is equally impactful to your bottom line as it is to delivering exceptional customer service. The solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Services.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Services Industries?

Dynamics 365 Field Service

The growth of companies managing field services presents a unique opportunity for leveraging cloud-based solutions.  The wide variety and size of clients and vendors along with razor thin margins, and a highly fragmented market have resulted in a new way to achieve economies of scale through technology.

Cloud technology solutions offer you a way to achieve real-time communication and profitability management with your field services at a price point that is much lower than in the past.  Can your company achieve the transformation?

The most profitable businesses are also the most efficient. When you spend too much time tracking billable hours, trying to find information to make strategic decisions, or accounting for every project detail, profitability suffers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you'll have real-time visibility into your business operations to quickly track all aspects of your projects, like billable hours, profitability, price management, scheduling, and resource utilization. Your business can run more efficiently, so you will have more time to spend on what really matters - your clients.

​With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Ellipse Solutions, you gain:

  • Seamless, low cost communications with field operations
  • Real-time updates on key job cost and financial management data.
  • Enhanced security, profitability, and risk mitigation.
  • Key performance indicators for better informed decision making.
  • Efficient compliance with industry standards and guidelines and federal, state and local regulatory standards.
  • ​A world-class back office system, managed in the Microsoft Cloud that includes:
    • Financial Management & Accounting
    • Human Capital Management
    • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • Production
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Procurement & Sourcing
    • Project Management & Accounting
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Service Management

Microsoft Business Applications for Field Services

Utilize world class financial capabilities with built-in predictive analytics and intelligence to set the pace in your industry by enabling better and quicker decision making.

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