ERP Implementation Success: Insights from Hobart Service’s D365 Journey

Embarking on an ERP project marks a critical milestone for any organization. Once the project is greenlit, the real work begins to ensure a successful Go-live. In a past virtual session, experts from one of Ellipse Solutions customers, Hobart Service, shared invaluable insights into their Dynamics 365 ERP implementation success journey, shedding light on key strategies and best practices for navigating the complexities of ERP deployment.

ERP Implementation Success

Project Approaches

Effective project management is fundamental to ERP implementation success. Hobart Service emphasized the significance of choosing the project approach tailored to their organizational needs, in addition to the correct Microsoft partner to ensure these things would happen. Whether following Agile methodologies for flexibility or Waterfall for structured progress, aligning the project approach with business objectives ensures clarity and accountability throughout the implementation process.

Go-live Strategies

The combination of planning and preparation leads to the Go-live phase—a critical moment in the ERP implementation journey. Hobart Service shared their strategies for a smooth transition, emphasizing thorough testing, contingency planning, and comprehensive training programs. By ensuring that end-users are equipped with the necessary skills and support, organizations can mitigate risks and optimize performance during the transition to the new system.


As organizations navigate the complexities of ERP implementation, lessons from Hobart Service’s D365 journey serve as a valuable guide. By embracing these insights, organizations can enhance their readiness and pave the way for a successful ERP Go-live, driving transformative change and operational excellence. Ellipse Solutions is thankful that Hobart Service trusted us as their Microsoft Partner to ensure the success of their implementation.

 If you’d like to learn more, watch the whole virtual session here – or contact Ellipse Solutions to ask any questions you may have.

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