Ellipse Solutions Presents Summit NA Series Podcast

There is a new must-see/hear podcast in the Dynamics space titled, ‘Ellipse Unsealed: A D365 Podcast.’ Sponsored by Ellipse Solutions and hosted by Bobby Small and Savanna Manger, the first six episodes focused on the upcoming Summit NA conference in Charlotte, North Carolina!

They welcomed many guests from the community to discuss topics that included, speaker tips and tricks, session planning, first time attendees, “What to do in Charlotte,’ and more! We have pulled together all six episodes here in this blog in hopes of educating everyone about the conference so that folks feel more prepared and less overwhelmed!

Session Planner

This was our first podcast EVER! We welcomed guest star Cam Sessinger of Dynamic Communities to share her insight on the importance of creating a plan throughout the week. One of her best pieces of advice was to download the mobile app for the conference. This will be your best friend throughout the week and is filled with helpful tools including session agendas, sponsors, & your own personal schedule.

First Time Attendees

In the second podcast, we sat down with Elif Item, CEO of Item by Item, to chat about everything first time attendees (or anyone else) should know before attending. This included coming prepared to sessions with any questions you may have, not being afraid to mingle with people and go out of your comfort zone, and overall – GO WITH THE FLOW! Sometimes things do not always go as planned and that is okay! Something in your schedule might get changed at the last minute or there could be a mix up in speakers, remember to take everything thrown at you with a grain of salt.

Speaker Tips and Tricks

Sseasoned speaker Mary Myers, CEO of World MAX, dropped in for our third podcast to chat and dole out advice to all the folks who have sessions this year. We came away with confidence and a plan because speaking in front of people can be a cause for stress, but that is okay! We promise that you are not the only ones out there who feel this way. A couple of pieces of advice that we can give you are:

  1. Come prepared!
  2. Lean on your strong suites!
  3. Engage your audience!

Pretty simple but these tips can go a long way.

What to do in Charlotte

Why not take time to learn a little bit about the new city to which you are travelling? In our fourth episode, North Carolina resident Monica Hoyer of Emfluence, shares hidden gems, history, and the secrets of Charlotte. It is a city rich with culture and filled with beauty and fun things to do. In this episode we encourage everyone to do exploration while you are in town, and make sure to let us know if you find Queen Charlotte in the airport!


One of the most fun aspects of Summit, if you have not heard, is the full slate of parties all week long. While this can be a recipe for fun, we are here to help you strategize and map them out for you with our guest Sarah Lyons of Dynamic Web. From the AI Summit Preconference on Monday to Ellipse Solutions very own happy hour Thursday evening, there is truly something for everyone.

Expo Hall Guide

Booths, booths, and…. More booths! As soon as you step into the expo hall you might feel a little overwhelmed with the excitement, fun giveaways, and all the chatter. However, we are here with Michelle Tallada of Avalara to give pointers on the best way to guide you through the maze of booths and mountain of SWAG.

See You at Summit NA 2023!

We hope everyone enjoyed this series and found it to be helpful. Our goal is for you to have a smooth, successful, and enjoyable week. Visit us at booth #1921 in the expo hall to earn a chance to win a Starbucks gift card by playing the infamous Microsoft Millionaire. See you there!

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