Ellipse Plastics

A fully tailored software solution for Plastics Manufacturers built within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations do a great job of meeting the needs of most Plastics Manufacturing companies, however, some companies require additional functionality for their day-to-day operations. Ellipse Plastics is a product built with the Plastics Manufacturing (and related industries) in mind. It is an enhancement that is integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Ellipse Plastics: Microsoft's Solution for Plastics

Ellipse Plastics was built to better supplement the needs of Plastics Manufacturers looking for a flexible and configurable solution that streamlines operations, improves production, reduces needless expenses and enables granular visibility into costs, processes, information and metrics.

Key Features in Ellipse Plastics:

  • Better visibility and accurate cost information to enable better, profitable quoting given your price sensitive marketplace
  • Flexible price, rebate and commission structures to accurately compensate and motivate by tiers, products, and volume or transaction
  • Unit of Measure flexibility to handle and convert specific sales, procurement, production and inventory management requirements
  • Ability to restrict visibility into pricing and costs at product level to ensure access only to those absolutely requiring
  • Flexible scheduling to balance “promise dates” with line changeover inefficiencies sometimes caused by sudden changes
  • Multiple level BOM support to effectively and accurately detail semi-finished goods costing and tracking
  • Scrap Management to properly handle and measure scrap and reuse/regrind materials
  • Formula Management handles complex formulas for a series of mixing operations and versions can be attached to the formula item.
  • Co-products and by-products are handled allowing for flexible pricing calculations
  • Lot Traceability and controls to support complete history and audit
  • Constraint based configurator to allow the creation and reuse of components, assemblies, product models and attributes to accurately produce BOMs, Routes, Promise Date, and Cost/Price of some make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers
  • Mobile App to enable formula management and production visibility from any device