Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: Upgrade Preparation

It’s July. There’s a good chance it’s hot, depending where you’re located while reading this. You know what else is hot right now? Making the move from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. To be sure, it is an important step in your ERP journey and your organization certainly wants to do it the right way. For that reason, we’re not going to call you every day asking if you’re ready, but we do want to do everything we can to make sure you have all the information you need when you are!

Wherever you are on the Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 journey, it’s good to have a plan in place and know what your options are. Lucky for you, one track of our Dynamics Digital Academy over the winter covered that very topic.

Why move to Dynamics 365?

Seems like a fair question, so it was the natural choice to kick off the track.

Upgrade vs. Re-Implementation

Throw in even more words like ‘migration’ and ‘digital transformation’ and you’ve got a real party! This session explains why, whatever words you’re using to describe it, your move to Dynamics 365 is likely to be a mix of styles.

Cracking the Code

Hi there developers! If you’re looking for code upgrade options and tools, extensions, and samples; this one is for you.

Data Migration & Data Warehouse

This session features an administrative and technical review of Data Warehousing requirements for Dynamics 365 deployments and a walk-through of data warehouse options during your D365 implementation and beyond. Pros and cons of Cloud and On-Premise installations with respect to data loads and data extraction are also discussed.

Advanced Mobile Workspaces

Understand the four pillars of the D365 Mobile platform: Dashboard, Workspaces, Pages and Actions. Grasp the extent of D365 Mobile Workspace capabilities. Get exposure to client-side development and learn how to extend the design and behavior of the app by incorporating mobile business logic using JavaScript, see what is available for mobile workspace server-side development.


Everyone’s favorite topic, licensing. What’s not to love about something that changes all the time? *Speaking of which, this session is from December, meaning some of the information has changed. Stay tuned as we will be hosting this topic as a free webinar in the coming weeks!

Bonus: Any chance Microsoft will pick up that tab for some Dynamics 365 migration-related activities?

Short answer: Yes! Check out our upcoming webinar on August 4th at 11am ET:

  Setting Specific Production Order Start/End Schedule Dates in Dynamics 365/AX