Dynamics 365 Wave Label Printing – Learn To Ride The Label Wave

Hello Dynamics Warehouse community! Today we will discover a useful feature recently enhanced by Microsoft in Dynamics 365 warehouse management – the ability to create and print wave labels. On top of the main wave label functionality that is a part of the wave processing, there are also several new features added in the April 2020 release, including the ability to void and reprint labels. There is also functionality to clean-up the wave label history in the system. In version 10.0.9, you can enable the below features in Feature management:

d365 warehouse management feature management

Once you’ve enabled these features, there are few other things to setup before you are ready. Let’s start with a number sequence reference to set in Warehouse management>Setup>Warehouse management parameters for the Wave label ID:

parameters wave label id dynamics 365

Now we need to setup a Wave label layout at Warehouse management>Setup>Document routing>Wave label layouts. This is where you can setup the header, body, and footer of your label. One can also utilize several of the new features as part of the April release like label enumeration, BOL number can be printed on the label, HAZMAT code can be included on the label, and a Serial Shipping Container Code can be created per carton and used on the label layout :

dynamics 365 container code label layout

Setup a wave label type at Warehouse management>Setup>Document routing>Wave label types and wave step codes that we enabled earlier at  Warehouse management>Setup>Waves>Wave step codes. Using these options makes it easier to setup all of the wave label printing, otherwise the wave step codes are just editable strings on several different wave label related forms.

A key setup step is to create your wave label templates, here is where you specify the wave step code you created, a warehouse, and you can create a query you want to use for this template. Most importantly, you also specify the label layout and the printer where you want these labels to print. This setup is located at Warehouse management>Setup>Document routing>Wave label templates:

wave label templates dynamics 365

Make sure to also set the Wave label type on the necessary Unit sequence groups at Warehouse management>Setup>Warehouse>Unit sequence groups. Once the setup is completed, you are finally ready to ride the wave. For this blog example, we used the Contoso demo data and added a line to a sales order to reserve inventory and went into the Load planning workbench to add the sales lines to a new Load. Once the new load was created, we released it to the warehouse and this progressed the Wave through the appropriate shipping steps including generating Wave labels! These can be viewed at Warehouse management>Inquiries and reports>Wave labels.

dynamics 365 wave labels

For more information, check out “Wave label printing enhancements – Dynamics 365 Release Plan” (2020, March 19) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2019wave2/dynamics365-supply-chain-management/wave-label-printing-enhancements

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