Dynamics 365 Warehouse Performance – Give Me the POWER!

There is nothing more powerful in a warehouse than having useable data at your fingertips.  (Useable being the operative word).

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain can deliver that power all together at the click of a button in one screen.

Warehouse Performance

The Warehouse Performance Power BI content allows warehouse and operations management all the information they need to monitor the warehouse metrics quickly and easily.

Warehouse performance power BI dashboard

Out of the box this content pack displays data related to Shipping performance, Inbound performance and Location inventory accuracy.

Inbound performance will measure vendor performance and put away performance for inbound processes.  Reviewing these metrics will allow users to address concerns before they become big problems.  For example, the metrics can highlight a vendor who consistently delivers late.  Addressing this early will allow users to mitigate any potential challenges late deliveries cause with the warehouse work load.

Shipping performance shows metrics related to site and warehouse, products and customers.  Looking at these details can give insight to allow users to see trends where shipping is not meeting KPI expectations.  Are specific products taking longer to ship or is there a problem with shipping from a specific warehouse?  Visual metrics make these trends easy to see.

Location inventory accuracy will show results of counting and inventory discrepancies.  Inventory accuracy affects all other areas of the operation.  If items are not in the location it is expected to be in then all the other functions in the warehouse will be affected.  Reports by items, workers, sites and warehouse allow users to pinpoint sources of inventory issues.

The Warehouse performance Power BI content page can be customized through use of the filters or by adding reports that are specific to business needs.  Drilling into the data is easy for additional details and insights that can allow users to identify specific actions to take.

warehouse performance power BI content page

Take the power into your hands and use the Business Intelligence data available to make the best decisions for your business.

Additional resources on this page and more can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/dev-itpro/analytics/warehouse-power-bi-content

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