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Your Premier Choice for Fully Tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training.

Many of the training options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications are generic courses meant to serve a broad audience. At Ellipse Solutions, we offer Dynamics Coach - a customized and adaptable Dynamics 365 training service based on skill-level and incorporating the organization's specific Dynamics 365 data and solution needs - recognizing that every organization has its unique requirements.

This approach enhances training retention, boosts end-user adoption, and maximizes value for customers. As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Partner, Ellipse Solutions' team of coaches is comprised of experienced consultants proficient in Dynamics 365 implementations and support, ensuring access to up-to-date best practices and functionality.

Fully Tailored Training

Go beyond generic tutorials! Our sessions are custom developed to your organization's Dynamics 365 setup, allowing you learn in the context of your own data and solution.

Learn From Experts

Knowledge is power! Dynamics Coach trainers are highly skilled, experienced, and certified Dynamics 365 professionals, ensuring that you learn from the best.

Flexible Environment

Education on your terms! Dynamics Coach training is available on-site or remotely, providing flexibility to your team's preferences and geographical locations.

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training from Dynamics Coach

Is your organization struggling with solution adoption? Are you seeing a large amount of help desk support tickets? Do you feel as if your business isn't fully utilizing the tools available in Microsoft Dynamics 365? These are all common indicators that end-user training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is necessary.

Whether you're new to Dynamics 365 or looking to enhance your team's skills, our training service caters to all proficiency levels. We provide comprehensive training on various Dynamics 365 modules, including Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Project Operations, Commerce, and more!

Request a Dynamics 365 Training Course

Have you already identified areas for improvement within your organization and solution? With Dynamics Coach, our courses are custom developed to your specific business needs and solution environment. Contact us to discuss your training needs and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution!

Discover Areas for Improvement

Not sure where to start and looking for some actionable guidance? Our team of experienced Dynamics 365 professionals will work closely with you to assess your existing environment and identify the areas where training is most needed. We will analyze your data, solution, and workflows to develop a training program that aligns with your needs!

Meet our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Roster!

Our experienced lineup of Microsoft Dynamics Coaches sets us apart from the competition. Each coach is a Microsoft certified Dynamics consultant, and fully equipped with real-life experience throughout various Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations, some with implementations dating back to 2016. Check out our lineup of Dynamics Coaches below!

Dynamics 365 Training - Trisha

Trisha Alverson

Trisha attended Case Western Reserve University with accreditations as a Microsoft Certified D365 Solutions Architect. The last 12 years Trisha has worked in Dynamics AX/FO and is now jumping into coaching and training on various topics.

Fun Facts

  • Trisha is pretty even keel in nature and not much gets her aggravated but on the happy note, a pizza will put a smile on her face any time, any day!
  • One thing Trisha would like to accomplish on her bucket list is to visit Mt. Etna vineyards (all the wine :)).  One thing Trisha still would like to check off her bucket list is staying the night in a Castle.
  • One cool fact about Trisha that you likely would not guess is that she is a classically trained percussionist and even debuted in the Ellipse Solutions hit song "Base and Attach"

Top 3 Areas of Expertise

  • X++
  • Finance
  • Master Planning
Dynamics 365 Training - Denis

Denis Guryev

Attended National Tech University of Ukraine, and is currently finishing up his Master's Degree. As a Microsoft Certified Professional and Ellipse Solutions' Data Practice Lead, Denis has spent over 15 years in the Dynamics AX/FO space with 5 of those dedicated to presenting and training.

Fun Facts

  • His biggest pet peeve is an error that says "an error exists", and the thing that makes him happiest is when code compiles on the first try
  • One thing on his bucket list that he has not accomplished is time travel.  The one thing he has checked off is making the bucket list!
  • Denis has no shocking facts, because he is too busy compiling code

Top 3 Areas of Expertise

  • X++
  • Data Science
  • Supply Chain/Production
Dynamics 365 Training - Kim

Kim Fielden

Attended Miami University of Ohio, and has spent the last 10 years in the depths of Dynamics AX/FO with the last 3 years including presenting and training on various topics. Kim also has a total of 20 years experience with Supply/Chain, Warehouse, Retail, and Commerce.

Fun Facts

  • Kim's biggest pet peeves are people who leave their turn signal on when they aren't turning and when the dog eats the last piece of the puzzle. So is that what they are calling it when it gets "lost" now :)?
  • What makes Kim the happiest and at peace is listening to the song "Feel Invincible" by Skillet, and her dog Jamie (except when she eats the last piece of the puzzle!)
  • One thing Kim has checked off her bucket list is seeing wild buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. Something Kim still is aiming to accomplish from her bucket list is traveling to Australia.

Top 3 Areas of Expertise

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Service/Retail