Dynamics 365 Talent is becoming Dynamics 365 Human Resources… Mostly

Just when you thought Microsoft was done changing up Dynamics 365 names and licenses for at least the rest of 2019… Dynamics 365 Talent gets a shake-up. For some, this will really be more of a name change than anything else, while others will see a bit more than that.

d365 human resources overview

As far as the Core HR functionality of Talent; that will continue to be offered through the newly coined Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Customers who utilize Core HR will not have to jump through any extra hoops for migration or licensing when Dynamics 365 Human Resources is officially released at the beginning of February, 2020. While it is a simple name change on the surface, recent solution acquisitions Microsoft has made from Elevate HR and FourVision reveals that a more complete vision for HR in Dynamics 365 was already in the works. The roadmap for Dynamics 365 Human Resources can be found here.

For users of the Dynamics 365 Talent modular apps “Attract” and “Onboard”, things are a little murkier. These apps are being retired as Microsoft leverages its ownership of LinkedIn to provide this type of functionality in the future. Critical support for the apps will end on February 1, 2022 and no new features will be added. The best route for customers using Attract and/or Onboard is to work out a transition plan before their contract ends (or by Feb. 2022 at the latest). Worth checking out in the meantime is LinkedIn Talent Hub, which is a new Applicant Tracking System and may complement Dynamics 365 Human Resources moving forward.

TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): If you’re using only using Dynamics 365 Talent Core HR, you won’t see any disruption. If you’re using either Attract or Onboard, you will need to decide how your organization will transition from it in the near future.

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