Dynamics 365 Supply Chain – Optimizing Time & Attendance Registrations

Dynamics 365 offers numerous ways  to provide processes for power users to perform tasks on behalf of larger groups of workers and resources. This blog focuses on particular Time and Attendance use cases.

Use Case 1: Collective Time & Attendance Registrations

This scenario is common in construction and service industries when a supervisor or an administrator can make a collective registration for several workers. For example,  a manager can assign all workers for the same Safety meeting activity, and the workers do not need to make individual registrations.

This can be done by accessing the collective registration form found under Time & Attendance → Manage Registrations → Collective registration. Click new and select the correct activity, Click Start, and in the Inquiry form, select the workers to start registrations for and click ok after that.

dynamics 365 time and attendance collective registrations

When the meeting is over, the manager stops the collective registration. Consequently, the workers included in the collective registration automatically resume the jobs or tasks they were working on before the collective registration.

Select the collective registration. Click Stop and the collective registration stops immediately.

Use Case 2: Collective Time & Attendance Registration Calculations & Approvals

When registrations are calculated & approved, they are verified against the worker’s work time profile. Calculation is typically performed by a team leader or a supervisor. Calculation groups for groups of workers are setup to help make sure that the person calculating and approving registrations can view information about only the workers on his or her team.

d365 time attendance calculation groups

Next the Supervisor can go ahead and calculate the registrations for their own assigned groups on a daily basis or for a single worker on a weekly basis.

calculation groups dynamics 365

Finally, the supervisor can adjust, correct, calculate and approve the registrations for the entire group either via a batch job or via the form once any missing entries or errors have been corrected.

dynamics 365 calculate time and attendance registrations

Once the approval has been completed, the records will be turned over to the payroll administrator or any other approver to continue processing.

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