Dynamics 365 Supply Chain – Create a backorder on purpose!

Backorder. To many, that is a bad thing to hear or to track in the system. To others, it is an opportunity to go above and beyond for the customer. Today we will examine a specific use case when the goal is to deliver to the customer as soon as possible or as close to the requested date as possible, but availability of an accessory or component is delayed, delivery of the main product may be possible, with a secondary shipment to follow. The customer may appreciate the option being presented to them.

And there is a way to capture and deliver on the commitment without having to manually write it down on a to-do list.

Sales order

Create the sale order as normal, using the released product code for the assembled kit or product. The deviation from the normal process begins when during the assembly of the product or kit, the component or accessory is determined to be delayed and the delivery of the Sales order to the customer should not be impacted.

During Production

Remove the component or accessory from the Production order pick list, and complete the production order to put the item into inventory. By doing this, the missing component or accessory will not be issued from inventory and the actual cost of the assembled item or kit will be less than normal.

Sales order update

BEFORE the sales order is picked and packed, it must be updated to include lines for the component or accessory. The unit price of the component or accessory can be $0.00 if the customer will pay for the product and agree to receive the components at a later date.  Set the expected ship/delivery dates on the line to account for when the component or accessory should be received and ready to ship to the customer. Pick, pack and ship the product as a partial shipment against the sales order.

Adding the component or assembly as a sales order line replaces the demand originally included in the Production order (Pick list) as well as a place in line and a reminder to ship the item when it does arrive.

The component or accessory on the sales order will remain an open line with an expected delivery date set according to when the component will be available to ship out, therefore remain part of the component or accessory Net requirements.

dynamics 365 sales order update backorder

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