Dynamics 365 Service Protection API Limits

Service Protection API Limits in Dynamics 365

Recently, Microsoft gave a tech talk on a new change to Finance and Operations in D365, Service Protection API Limits.

What are Service Protection API Limits

These are designed to control the performance of the system during API calls to throttle traffic and manage the availability. This revolves around system uptime and provides stronger to tools to allow Microsoft to ensure customer system efficiencies and uptime.

Resource based limits have been in place since release v10.0.19. These are multiple users making requests and using resources. Once resources breach the allowed limits. This works in an aggregate approach, pooling all requests with some priority-based throttling, allowing D365 admins to manage resources.

In 2022, User based limits will be added to protect against individual user integrations effecting system performance. Once thresholds are crossed, Microsoft can take measure to protect the environment.  This will include three limits: Number of requests, execution time, number of concurrent requests.

These changes are the result of a year long data analysis of multiple systems and are being set above the averages seen in the testing.

What to expect from a Service Protection API Limits roll-out

This is an important system performance update starting September as optional switch to allow for system testing in a sandbox environment. In October 2022, this will be turned on by default but still optional. In April 2023, this feature will be on by default and mandatory.

Click here to view this tech talk in full.

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions about this performance enhancement.

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