Dynamics 365 Sales Part 3: A Video Demonstration of Organizational Charts

In Dynamics 365 Sales, customers can use Organizational Charts to build a hierarchy from existing accounts and contacts – allowing for customization of said contact information. The live organizational chart lets salespeople maintain external graphics for their accounts, which allocates for a widespread access of sources. The org chart also provides easy admission to an embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator widget. This ensures that contacts are always up to date and effortlessly attainable.

With Dynamics 365 Sales, users are given full access to sales benefits and advantages. The solution allows for customers to use internal and external information related to sales. In Part 3 of our recent webinar series on Sales, attendees were shown the importance of a quality, strong sales system. The following topics were addressed in the demonstration:

  • Accessing an Org Chart
  • D365 Sales Hierarchy Overview
  • Add a Contact to the org chart
  • Org chart for accounts without hierarchy
  • Embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator control

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