Dynamics 365 Sales – Managing Customer Quotes

Most sales truly begin when a customer asks the sales rep to send them a quote. In Dynamics 365 Sales (D365) a quote is a customer request for products or services at specific prices, quantities, payment terms, etc.  As one can imagine quotes are a major component in D365 Sales. It is a basis of truth when it comes to an organizations’ true revenue potential as they typically represent the main data source for the Sales pipeline. This is where the rubber meets the road to closing deals.  There are 3 ways to create a Quote.

1. From the Quote main view.

dynamics 365 quote main view

2.  Opportunity Record.

opportunity record d365

3. Multi-Entity Business Process Flow.

multi-entity business flow

The following link provides an in depth explanation of understanding sales transactions:


Get Products

When using a multi-entity Business Process Flow and the Opportunity Products, the system will auto populate the Quote based on the products on the Opportunity record. The users can also select the “Get Products” button from the ribbon and add any line from any opportunity.

get products

get products opportunities d365

Add Products

There are two ways for products to be manually added to a Quote. It can done either by selecting from an existing Product Catalog or can be manually written in.

 add product to a quote dynamics 365 sales quote details  quote details d365

Activating a Quote:

When a quote is ready to be sent to a Customer the Sales Rep can press the Activate Quote button on the ribbon. Once the quote is activated it is placed in a read-only state thus making it uneditable.

activating a quote activated quote

Once a Quote is active the user can do one of three actions:

  1. Create order
  2. ReviseClose quote
  3. Close quote

Revise a Quote:

When a user clicks the Revise button on the ribbon the system closes the first quote and auto generates the same exact quote except it is now in a draft status allowing for the record to be edited. Note the Revision ID of the original quote is 0 and subsequent versions count up. 

revise quote dynamics 365 1 revise quote dynamics 365 2 revise quote dynamics 365 3

Close a Quote

When a user selects the Close Quote button on the ribbon they are presented with the Close Quote dialog box. From there one can document a Close status reason. They are also able to revise the quote from here as well and have the options of either creating a revised quote or editing the existing quote.

close quote 1 close quote 2

Create an Order

When a user selects Create Order the dialog box is presented. The system also recognizes the Quote as being won. Users can record a status reason related to a Win. The Close Opportunity option is extremely helpful from a data quality perspective.

create order d365 sales 1 create order d365 sales 2


Selecting the Create PDF option enables the user to pick a template that will output the Quote into a PDF document.

create quote summary pdf

The Quote templates are highly customizable and can be configured to meet the organization’s look and feel.

customize quote template

Email as PDF

When users select Email as a PDF the system generates the PDF and automatically attaches it to the message.

email quote as pdf dynamics 365

Scroll down to the Attachment Sections of the email and you will find PDF attached to the message. Note the Timeline Activities denotes the email and related PDF attachment.

attach quote pdf to email dynamics 365 sales quote timeline

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