Dynamics 365… Rated G for GREAT! (Suitable for all Industries)

When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Dynamics 365 is a versatile option that is ready to roll from Microsoft. It is built to be a strong out of the box solution that can plug and play across many industries.

dynamics 365 industries

Microsoft has positioned D365 to level-up the modern ERP, creating an efficient and full-service financial software solution that helps folks (like those in the Public Sector) solve some of the biggest challenges in the industry.

Siloed Data

First, there are what one might call disparate systems. In these scenarios, the data and work activity are siloed off in many separate ways, such as documents, SQL DB’s, excel sheets, a person’s noodle, or various other software programs. All of this creates a digital Frankenstein monster, making it difficult for users to efficiently process work across various departments and causing them to constantly jump from one system to the next to complete tasks. Grrrrrrr (or some other Frankenstein sound)! D365 solves this by becoming the one true source of data and processing. Crank open the software and start flying through the day.

Looking ahead

Then there is the lack of insight to the organization. Once an organization or government office has one true source of data, it is easy to start creating and using strong data analytics. D365 and Microsoft BI, provide robust insights into to the system and the data becomes easily accessible and digestible at every level of the organization. This gives immediate access to those in need of making swift business decisions.

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