Dynamics 365: Organizational Hierarchy

Establishing organizational hierarchies in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition (aka formerly Dynamics AX) provides companies with the flexibility to establish different structures outside of their legal setup. A hierarchy can be created and used for policies, budget planning, reporting structures, approvals or financial internal reporting.

Below is an exploration of creating an organizational hierarchy as an organizational chart defining the relationships between departments, jobs and positions. This type of hierarchy would typically be used by a Human Resources Department to show reporting structures.

As a pre-requisite to creating a hierarchy, ensure you have your legal entities created.

To create a hierarchy, go to Org Admin > Organizations > Organization hierarchies. Once created, assign the hierarchy with a purpose of Organization chart.

Organization Hierarchies in Dynamics 365

To begin building your org chart, the Jobs and then Positions within the Human Resources Module must be created. For more information on creating these, please see our blog “Jobs and Positions for Your Organization”.

Once the jobs and positions are created, you will be able to view the hierarchy.  Navigate to Org Admin > Organizations > Position Hierarchy. Here one can see the positions and the worker assigned to the position, within the created structure.

Dynamics 365 Position Hierarchy

In the bottom right corner of each position is the ability to drill down to see the reporting structure from that point downward. To do this, select the triple dot icon.  In the example below we selected the CFO and can see the hierarchy, beginning with Sara Thomas. Sara has two direct reports and one of her reports has two reportees.

Dynamics 365 Position Hierarchy example

At any point in the viewing of the organizational chart, you can select the Open in Microsoft Office icon to open the chart in Excel.

Dynamics 365 organizational hierarchy open in office excel


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