Dynamics 365 for Operations – Platform Update 4

Last week, Dynamics 365 for Operations Platform Update 4 was released. If you haven’t already discovered, it’s loaded with some great improvements!

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest and greatest Dynamics 365 for Operations, build number 7.0.4425.16161:

Power BI

By loaded, we mean embedded, because Power BI is now embedded for all users. That means no one has to stand by in sadness while their co-workers hoard all of that beautiful data visualization and analysis to themselves.


Going Mobile

Who doesn’t want to take Dynamics 365 for Operations with them everywhere they go? Improvements in the mobile framework are helping partners create workspaces built for that fully capable yet on-the-go experience whether a user is online or offline.


Visual Scheduling

We Gantt get enough of this one, and with that pun we’re going to go ahead and direct you here for details on the new visual scheduling capabilities available at your fingertips.


Binary Updates Combined

The latest update can be applied because the binary updates are aggregate. Click here for more information about the changes and improvements being made in LCS.

Binary updates dynamics 365 for operations



Love it? Hate it? Microsoft wants to know, and now that updates are moving to a monthly release, you might find they are asking you for input more often.

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