Dynamics 365 for Operations Example Using Excel and Microsoft Flow: Vendors Upload

True to their mission, “to enable people and businesses to realize their full potential”, Microsoft released Flow in Quarter 4 of last year.

What is Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a tool that empowers users to automate complicated tasks across multiple applications and services. Flow seamlessly connects to over ninety services, out-of-the-box, including Twitter, Slack, OneDrive, Power BI, and, most importantly for this blog, Dynamics 365 for Operations. As an example of how Flow works, this post will show how to easily create vendors in Dynamics 365, on an hourly schedule, without writing a single line of code.

Getting Started

The only thing needed to get started with flow is a valid email address. Simply sign in to flow.microsoft.com/.

Create the Flow

  1. Create an Excel file with a table containing the following columns
    a. Legal Entity
    b. Party Type
    c. Vendor Account Number
    d. Vendor Group
    e. Vendor Name
    f. Vendor Email
  2. Save the Excel file to a cloud storage service (I chose OneDrive for Business)
  3. In Flow, search for the template called “Move rows from an Excel table to Dynamics AX Online Vendors”Excel to AX
  4. Create a connection to the location where the Excel file is saved
  5. Sign into Dynamics 365 for Operations and press continue
  6. Specify the file and table name in the “get rows” actionGet Rows Excel
  7. Connect to the Dynamics 365 for Operation instance and choose “Vendors” under “Entity name”
  8. Map the columns in the Excel table to their corresponding values in D365
  9. Specify the file name, table name, and map the “Row id” value under the “Delete row” action
  10. Click create flow

That’s it- the flow is now running! Now, every hour new rows will be moved from the Excel file to Dynamics 365 for Operations.

After the row is uploaded, it will be deleted from the Excel file.


Microsoft Flow is a game changer for non-developers using Dynamics 365 for Operations. By using pre-built templates power users are able to automate business processes and improve productivity!

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