Dynamics 365 for Operations: Employment Verification

By all accounts, Microsoft has dedicated the most time in the latter releases and updates to improve Human Resources functionality (among a few other modules). Microsoft is working very hard to ease the user experience. One way to do that is to make data tasks simpler and attainable with less clicks! Another method is to give the users multiple paths to achieve results. However there is a third technique Microsoft has found to make the users life better. A variety of “workspaces” introduced in Dynamics 365 for Operations deliver related or common functionality in a dashboard-like format, putting the right tasks and options together and very easy to locate.

One example of a “Workspace” is the Workforce Management Workspace. Other Workspaces are available for Budget Planning, Data Management, Master Planning, and many other areas. The workspaces visible to each user will depend on user security.

Workforce Management Workspace Dynamics 365 for Operations

There are multiple paths to locate the Workspaces:

  • Area Pages for each module

Area Pages Workspaces Dynamics 365 for Operations

  • Workspaces in the Navigation Pane

Navigation Pane Workspaces Dynamics 365 for Operations

Employment Verification

  • Navigate to Human Resources
  • Click the Workforce Management Workspace
  • Click the Employee Quick Link to get a list of Employees
  • Filter to find the employee required
  • Highlight the proper employee line, and click Verify Employment under the “Employment Details” tab

Employement Verification Dynamics 365 for Operations


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