Dynamics 365 – Introduction to Invoicing Workspace in Vendor Collaboration

Accounts payable clerks rejoice! The new vendor collaboration module within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition (D365) streamlines vendor processes.  The module allows for communication within D365 instead of several back and forth emails with vendors, for review and approval of purchases, submitting new invoices, payment status, and much more. The focus of this blog will be on the invoicing workspace within the vendor collaboration module.

Setting Vendor Contacts

First, in order to grant external parties access to D365, a new contact must be created. Use the “provision vendor user” button to link the contact record to a vendor account and define security roles. There are two security roles available for vendor users; one grants permission to maintain purchase orders and invoices and the other allows the user to add additional contacts.

Assign user roles vendor dynamics 365

Summary Tile

When vendor contacts log into D365, the summary tiles gives a high level overview of the invoicing picture. Instead of distracting AP staff with inquiries about payments, the status of each applicable invoice is clearly visible.

Summary tile invoicing dynamics 365

Clicking on any of these tiles drills down into a detailed level.

summary tile invoicing drill down detail dynamics 365

Submitting Invoices

Invoices can be submitted in many different ways and sometimes the process can take longer than necessary. With D365, vendors can enter invoices right from within the invoicing workspace. A copy of the physical invoice can even be attached before submitting it.

submitting invoices dynamics 365

AP Staff Review

To review an invoice submitted by a vendor contact, navigate to Accounts payable > Workspaces > Vendor invoice entry. The newly submitted invoice is under “pending vendor invoices”.

review vendor invoice dynamics 365

Clicking on the invoice reveals additional details such as the invoice date and last match status.

dynamics 365 vendor invoice details

If the invoice is acceptable, simply click post!

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