Dynamics 365 – “What Ifs” in The Product Configuration Model

Configuration-based Product Configuration Model in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations allows to pre-define products with a set of rules and restrictions. The attributes of a product are pre-determined in a model and relations between the attributes are set.

Let’s consider a Product Configurator example for a manufacturer of custom Plastics products – a topic near and dear to us.

Price for a plastic sheet can vary based on customer specifications. Plastic can be sold in pounds or kilograms (among many other units of measure) and price of a unit depends on added variations for the finished goods, such as color, cutting or slitting options, gauge (the measurement of thickness of a plastic sheet) and numerous other factors.

Let’s limit our model Polystyrene to just gauge and slitting: both are added as attributes to the configuration model.

  • Gauge is an attribute with type = decimal and values limited from 0.02 to 1 inches.
  • Slitting is a Boolean attribute with value = true when slitting is required.

product attributes polystyrene

A base price is $5/lb. in our example. A fee for slitting has to be defined in the price model: e.g. for $.08/lb.

expression rules dynamics 365

However, there are gauge restrictions for slitting: a plastic sheet can be slit only with maximum gauge of 0.06 in.

The good way to setup that restriction would be to use the condition functionality on a Read-only modifier – make the attribute Slitting read-only while Gauge > 0.06 in. However, the list for the Attributes allowed in the expression for the condition does not include decimals attributes:


Unfortunately, the decimal attributes cannot be used in constraints out of the box.

We suggest a workaround: use a hidden Boolean attribute with the name Can slit.

hidden attributes

The attribute’s value depends on the value for Gauge: if Gauge is less or equal to 0.60, Can slit = true. The condition can be set in the Calculations section of the Constraint-based product configuration model:


We need to define a read-only condition for the Slitting attribute, but now we can based it on the value of the Can slit Boolean:

read-only attributes

After validating the product model, let’s test.

Test cases

1)      Gauge is 0.10, Slitting is not available for the product:

test product model

2)      Gauge is 0.03, the Slitting option is available:

test product model slitting available

And when Slitting is selected, the price for the product reflects the additional fee (the base price is $5, plus $.08 for slitting):

test product model additional fee reflected


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