Dynamics 365 – How To Prevent Updates To Fully Invoiced Sales and Purchase Orders

Did you ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? Perhaps, you got in a hurry for a rushed order update and tried to add a line to the incorrect purchase order? Did a colleague accidently remove a line from a fully invoiced sales order (and live to tell you about it)? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a simple way to prevent such occurrences in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain? The short answer is YES!

First, let’s see the issue:

prevent updates fully invoiced sales order dynamics 365

Now for the solution:

how to prevent adding lines fully invoiced order dynamics 365

Let’s navigate to where the magic happens:

Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable parameters

On the Updates tab, Safety level of invoiced orders field is in the Order lines grouping.

 safety level of invoiced orders d365

Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing parameters

On the Delivery tab, Safety level of invoiced orders field is in the General grouping.

dynamics 365 procurement and sourcing parameters

The Safety level of invoiced orders field has three options. To prevent those mishaps of updating fully invoiced order in the future, simply select the appropriate option for your business needs!

  • None: You can add new order lines to an invoiced sales [purchase] order without any messages. As seen in the user request above, there was not a warning or error when the additional line was added to the sales order.
  • Warning: You can add new order lines to an invoiced sales [purchase] order, but a warning message is displayed. The end user must select Yes to continue with the update, or No to revert without changes.

fully invoiced sales order warning

  • Locked: You cannot make any changes to an invoiced sales [purchase] order. All options to update the sales [purchase] order are not available.

lock purchase order dynamics 365

Thank you for reading! Ellipse Solutions is happy to become your partner for Dynamics 365. We can help your business with forgotten parameter settings like the one described today and many more. Contact us today!

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