Dynamics 365 – Fulfill Project Resources On Tasks Past The Planned End Date

Exciting news for project source managers came with the spring release of D365 (release 8.0): it is now possible to fulfill resources on tasks past the planned end date for the task.

A new Fulfill planned resource request option is available on the Resource fulfillment form (Project management and accounting > Project resources):

fulfill planned resource request

While the same form in the previous D365 release does not include this option:

no option

In my example, the project is scheduled to run from 7/6/2018 till 7/16/2018 (presumably in the future based on this setup). To edit fulfillment hours for a project, navigate to Project management and accounting > Projects > All projects, select the project, then go to the Project team and scheduling tab > Add:

project team and scheduling tab

Then select the newly created Team member 1 and click Specify resource hours:

specify resource hours

Here some hours can be reserved in advance: Hard book > Specify hours > check Update reserved hours > enter desired hours:

update reserved hours

Select the Team member 1 again and click Fulfill resource:

fulfill resource

Now select a worker to fulfill the role: click Fulfill planned resource request > Edit fulfillment resource and notice, how Team member 1 has reserved hours:

edit fulfillment resource

On this form, the hours and dates can be edited: changed, cancelled fulfillment, and even reserved hours past planned end date.

edit fulfillment resource details

If I want to extend the project for, let’s say, 10 days and my worker is available to work on July 24th:

extending project

The Total remaining hours to fulfill at the end of the process should equal to zero. Otherwise, an error will be thrown.

Lastly, the manager accepts or rejects fulfillment by clicking the fulfillment notification:

accept or reject fulfillment notification

Happy project resource management …

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