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Purchase requisitions can be created for the purposes of Consumption or Replenishment, if the Purchasing policy, Requisition Purpose Rule, is set to allow a choice.  If the option is given, the requisitioner can choose one or the other, which will dictate how the request can be fulfilled.  A Consumption purpose is used to indicate a request for something to be consumed internally.  This type of request is fulfilled with a Purchase order.  A Replenishment purpose is used to indicate a request for inventory to be replenished.  Replenishment requisitions are allowed only for only released products  This type of request can be fulfilled by a Purchase order, transfer order, production order or kanban.

Typically, the option to select a purpose is limited by the Purchasing policy and is defaulted to Consumption.  But think of the opportunities to be afforded if the option is provided to the requisitioners.

Let’s look at the setup to enable Replenishment requisitions.


Purchasing Policy

First, a peak at the Purchasing policy.  Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchasing Policies.

Open the Active policy, and select the Requisition purpose rule.  Select the effective policy.  The key step is to allow manual override:

requisition purpose rule

By allowing manual override, the requisitioner can change the Purpose on a requisition from the default of Consumption to Replenishment.

A second policy must be maintained within the Purchasing policies.  Select the Replenishment category access policy rule.  Click on the effective date.

replenishment category access policy rule

From the Available categories, select the categories to be available on a replenishment requisition.  Move the selected categories over to the Available categories list by clicking the Select.

Released Products

Navigate to the released products:  Product information management > Products > Released products.

For each released product that may be placed on a Replenishment requisition, assign a Product category from the Category hierarchy selected in the Replenishment category access policy rule by clicking the Product tab, and then, in the Set up section, click the Product categories function.

product category

category hierarchy

The replenishment released products must also be assigned to an Item model group for Stocked items.

stocked product


Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Purchase requisitions > All purchase requisitions.

Click New.

Enter a Name.

Update the Requested date.

Change Requisition purpose to Replenishment.

Click OK.

create purchase requisition

Select the Add line.

Click the Item number drop down.

item number dropdown

The list will contain only those stocked released products belonging to the Category hierarchy and categories listed in the Purchasing policy.

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