Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition: What’s New This July

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition July Update

There is A LOT to cover in this update. Bigger name means more functionality, right? Below is a rundown of the areas affected by this month’s changes, which we have not expanded upon in this post in an effort to keep it short. Check out the Microsoft doc for details about each point, or give us a shout in the comments with any questions.

If you’re interested in more information about upgrading to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics AX, check out our recent webinar and/or contact us.

Financial Management

  • Accounts payable check templates using Electronic Reporting
  • Budget control data maintenance
  • Budgeting Power BI for actual vs budget
  • CFO Overview workspace
  • Data validation
  • Delete a main account and dimension value
  • Display payment information for an expense
  • Edit account entries in the allocation journal
  • Expense management mobile workspace
  • Expense management
    • Configuration related to employee’s card ID
    • Configure per diem locations per country/region, state/province, and location
    • Display related payment information for an expense report
    • Export and import expense policies using data management
    • Final approver defaulted for multi-level workflow approval
    • Match credit card expenses with manually entered expenses
    • Split credit card expenses
    • Support for importing credit card itemization data
    • Usability enhancements
    • View detailed workflow history for an expense report
  • Financial dimensions in Financial reporting report definition
  • Financial dimensions in Power BI
  • Financial report generation
  • Maintain carry-forward status
  • Map credit card data (itemization details)
  • Mobile invoice approvals
  • Save Financial reports to SharePoint
  • Suspended and inactive dimension values hidden from dimension value lookups
  • Travel requisition functionality (Dynamics AX 2012 parity)
  • Vendor invoice attachment enhancements
  • View detailed workflow history for an expense report

Financial Management | Supply Chain Management

  • Cost accounting – Cross legal entities
  • Cost accounting allocation bases
  • Cost accounting dimension hierarchies
  • Cost accounting Get started wizard
  • Cost accounting ledger administration workspace

Globalization & Translation

  • Belgian Enterprise number Registration ID is used for customer and vendor accounts
  • Enhancements to the German audit file (GDPdU)
  • Global Coverage
    • Configurable Electronic Reporting
    • Languages
    • Retail
  • Reverse charge functionality for European countries/regions
  • Substitution/adjustment invoices for Thailand
  • Tax invoices and tax reports for Thailand

Human Resources

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Benefits workspace
  • Configurable business processes
  • Direct deposit
  • Employee and manager self-service
  • Mobile – Company directory and My team mobile workspaces
  • Onboarding


  • Analytics and insights through Power BI
  • Cash flow forecasting Power BI
  • Cost accounting Power BI reports
  • Credit and collections management Power BI
  • Embedded Power BI reports licensed for all users
  • Embedded Practice manager Power BI content
  • Fixed asset management workspace and embedded Power BI content
  • Power BI reporting with financial dimensions
  • Purchase spend analysis Power BI reports
  • Purchasing analysis Power BI content
  • Sales and profitability performance Power BI reports
  • Vendor payment analysis Power BI
  • Warehousing Power BI reports


  • Cross docking from production to transfer orders
  • Flushing principle Available at location
  • Optimize scheduling for planned production orders with overlap jobs
  • Production output location added to the resource group member
  • Turn off planning processes per company
  • Visual scheduling
  • Withdrawal kanban for warehouse processes


  • Sales orders mobile app


  • Configuration data project templates
  • Upgrade

Project management | Accounting

  • Allow a project resource to delegate timesheet entry and submission to any user
  • Assign resources to draft work breakdown structure
  • Manage or view a project work breakdown structure using Microsoft Project Client
  • Project time entry mobile workspace
  • Rename project stages
  • Worker can be a project resource in multiple legal entities at the same time


  • Next generation Retail extensibility framework
  • Configuration driven extension
  • CRT handlers and extensible enums
  • Support for multiple Retail server extensions
  • POS extensibility enhancements
  • Enhanced channel database extension model
  • CDX extensibility enhancements
  • Retail peripheral compatibility
  • Integrated Retail workforce management
  • Omni-channel coupons
  • Discounts – Quantity limit and exclude discount lines
  • POS Inventory visibility improvements
  • POS search improvements
  • Upgrade and support for previous versions


  • Conversation view for private messages and Twitter replies
  • LinkedIn engagement and acquisition

Supply Chain Management

  • Batch and license plate confirmation
  • Consignment inventory
  • Demand replenishment for raw material picking
  • Item and warehouse migration process uses advanced warehouse management
  • Movement of inventory with associated work in Warehouse management
  • Piece picking confirmation
  • Product work confirmation for cluster picking
  • Prospect to cash integration capabilities
  • Punch-out to external catalog from purchase requisition
  • System grouping on an open work list
  • Vendor collaboration
  • Warehousing

Talent (we just previewed Talent in our most recent webinar)

  • Benefits workspace
  • Configurable business processes
  • Direct deposit
  • Integration to Talent Attract
  • Integration to Talent onboarding
  • Manage attachments
  • Mobile – Company directory and My team mobile workspaces
  • Onboarding
  • Pre-employment access

Workforce Management

  • Analytics and insights through Power BI
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