Dynamics 365 Field Services Delivers 346% ROI According to Forrester Study 

The results of the December 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study displayed that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service delivered benefits of $42.65 million over three years to an organization. This is an ROI of 346% with a payback period of less than 6 months!  

Dynamics 365 Field Services

According to Forrester, software that assists organizations elevate field service delivery can improve financial performance in two ways: 

  1. Increasing customer retention and expansion by exceeding service expectations 
  1. Increasing productivity 

What is the Forrester TEI Study? 

11 representatives from seven organizations using D365 Field Service were interviewed to conduct this TEI study. The purpose of this study is to help technology-related companies by providing a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the technology on the organization itself. Findings displayed that D365 Field Service helps organizations deliver onsite service to customer locations with features including work order automation, scheduling algorithms, asset servicing, mobility, Microsoft 365 integration, and infusion of generative AI through Copilot.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service  

This study showed several quantifiable impact areas including: 

  1. Increased first-time fix rate  
    • Many technicians want to resolve customer issues the first time so that they don’t have to waste money sending out a second truck to try to solve the problem again. With D365 Field Service, organizations increased their first-time fix rate by ensuring technicians can rapidly find equipment, understand the problem, and make sure they had the appropriate parts for service in stock. 
  1. Increased technician productivity 
    • Interviewees found that they had a lot more time to focus on their jobs due to decreased administrative tasks, as well as the solution assisting in finding the best technician for each job, determining the fastest routes to customer sites, and ensuring technicians had the correct tools to fix customer issues. 
  1. Decreased time to invoice customers 
    • D365 Field Service allows invoices for work orders to be sent on the same day which is much more efficient than paper invoices, which sometimes wouldn’t be sent until a month after a service was completed.  
  1. More efficient travel time 
    • Traffic delays or inefficient job routing wastes a lot of technicians time, but with D365 Field Service dispatchers ensure that planned routes are the most efficient and that technicians’ routes are consistently up-to-date to avoid traffic or construction. 
  1. Improved dispatcher productivity 
    • Dispatchers relied on manual processes to assign technicians to jobs, so any change in staffing or scheduling leads to inefficiency, especially since items were shared across whiteboards, spreadsheets, and calendars. D365 Field Service allows organizations to easily automate scheduling and fill job roles all in a centralized cloud solution. 

Forrester has displayed several benefits that D365 Field Service can offer to technicians in the industry. Overall, these factors resulted in benefits of $42.65 million over three years for the composite organization. To learn more and to understand how Dynamics 365 Field Service can help your organization, read the full study here. 

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