Dynamics 365 – Field Service Returns Made Simple

Field Service Returns start as a Return merchandise authorization (or RMA for short) and are very similar to Purchase order returns in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

  1. Define the products to be returned.
  2. Document receipt of the product that was returned. 
  3. Close out and bill the product return.

There are three (3) options for processing returns in Field Service, again all starting with the RMA. 

Dynamics AX Support Service

Return merchandise authorization

The RMA is the container for the return.  In the RMA, is the product to be returned, how much of it is to be returned, a price list for the returned product, the work order and what type of return it is, of the three (3) options mentioned above.

To create an RMA, navigate to Field Service > Inventory and Purchasing > RMA’s

Return merchandise authorization

Click New

The RMA number is required, if not populated by the system automatically.  The Service Account, or the account for whom the work will be done, is also required.

Also required is a Price List and tax information.

If a Work order is selected as reference, the Service account will populate from the work order.  A work order is not required.

Click Save.

save RMA

Products can be added manually or from the referenced work order.  To enter products manually, click the +.

New RMA product

To add Work order products, click the Add WO Products option.

add WO Products

For each returned product, indicate the type of return, and the destination of the return.

  • Return to warehouse
  • Return to Vendor (RTV)
  • Change of Equipment ownership

For a Return to Warehouse, the Return to Warehouse dropdown will display the avaiable warehouses.

For a Change of Ownership, the Change of Ownership dropdown will display a list of service accounts.

change of ownership

RMA Processing

The RMA may require approval if the return policy dictates.  That approval includes a review of the returned products, the reason for the return, as well as deciding if the product can be returned and if a credit is due.

Once the RMA is approved, products can be updated to received by clicking the + in the Receipts area (Add RMA receipt record).

RMA receipt record

If the return is going back to the Vendor, create an RTV Product record once the product has been received by the vendor.  To do this, click the Create RTV option.

create RTV

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  1. GG Rowe on October 1, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    HI, this is quite interesting. Is this standard in D365? Is it on the CRM or the F&O side? Are there provisions for doing the repair of the returned unit?

    • Ellipse Solutions on October 4, 2019 at 3:13 pm

      Thanks for your inquiry GG! The article describes standard functionality of D365 Field Service. Once created, sub-statuses can be used to indicate the need for Repairs and other follow up actions.