Dynamics 365 Extensions: Say “Goodbye” to Costly and Time Consuming ERP Upgrades


Dynamics 365 Extensions

Since launch, Microsoft has set out to make Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations an integral part of their Digital Transformation message and solution. As part of this effort, customizations in code for both upgrades and implementations are now handled by Extensions (as opposed to ‘overlayering’ in the past). In sealing the code, Microsoft has enabled simpler and less expensive upgrades moving forward.

Where are we now?

After the hard seal of the code in the Spring 2018 release, all customizations have been done via the Extensions model. While it may have been a painful transition at time, these customizations now move to each new release with ease.

Looking for information on Dynamics 365 extensibility? Microsoft has made resources available online to keep both Partners and Customers in the know. One site that is definitely worth a bookmark is the Extensibility Home Page, which provides new information, updates and information on how to request an Extension.

Staying up to date

Extensions enabling easier updates to the latest versions is part of a larger Microsoft vision and, as our recent blog post on “Evergreen ERP” discusses, now is a great time to consider your options for upgrading to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Once the initial move to D365 is made, every subsequent “update” to future new versions is easier, meaning you’re ERP is always the latest and greatest.

Speaking of the latest and greatest, Microsoft has done a great job providing summaries of what’s new and upcoming in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. In terms of Platform extensibility, there are 2 recently added sets of features (October/December 2018) and 1 upcoming set for January 2019.

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