Dynamics 365 Customer Voice: More than Forms

Ever wonder what your customers are thinking? What do they want from your business? Well, maybe it’s time to give them a voice. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a recent addition to the D365 line of business apps that helps businesses engage with their customers for meaningful feedback. Since rebranding Forms Pro to D365 Customer Voice in November of last year, the newly created business app has enjoyed the same expansion of functionality we are accustomed to seeing throughout the Dynamics 365 platform.

DYnamics 365 customer voice

For the 2021 Release Wave 1 recently introduced new functionality coming soon to Public Preview and General Availability. Many of the new features are aimed at giving businesses the ability to create a more personalized approach to the feedback piece of the customer experience.

Collect feedback

  • Pause and resume survey (General availability now)
  • Survey reminder (Public preview now, General availability July 2021)
  • Auto prefill answer (General availability September 2021)
  • Power Automate survey response trigger (General availability September 2021)
  • Partial response (Public preview July 2021, General availability September 2021)

Insights and follow-up

  • Integration with D365 Marketing Customer Journey (Public preview September 2021)
  • Text analytics support (Public preview July 2021, General availability September 2021)

Simplified survey authoring

  • Personalize survey (General availability now)
  • Cascading question type (General availability July 2021)

Survey administration

  • Custom survey header (General availability now)
  • Custom email address for survey invitation (General availability July 2021)
  • Support for group ownership (General availability July 2021)
  • Support for report-only user access (General Availability July 2021)
  • Over-survey management (Public preview now, General availability July 2021)

Check out the release notes Microsoft doc for more information about any of the functionality listed above, or feel free to contact us!

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