Dynamics 365 – A New Project Invoice Proposals Tidbit

New with the January 2020 release it is now possible to sort Invoice proposal transactions by resource in Dynamics 365. The available project transactions grid will include the Resource information, if the feature is enabled in the environment.

Invoice proposal

During the Invoice proposal generation, the list of transactions displayed for review and inclusion in the invoice proposal can be lengthy. The default sort order of the transactions in the grid is by transaction date, which may not be the easiest way to review transactions.

Most Users are familiar with the Dynamics 365 F&O sorting and filtering functionality and quickly sort by transaction type or Project category. Now a User can quickly filter or sort by Resource ID in addition to Resource name.  This is particularly helpful when reviewing project transactions specific to individuals, or searching to make sure each team member has been accounted for.

create invoice proposal dynamics 365

Feature management

To make use of the Enable sorting by resource during project invoice proposal creation, navigate to the Feature management workspace and search for the feature using the search bar. Once the feature is located, click Enable now.

enable sorting by resource d365

Gotta love new features!

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