Diving into Time & Attendance in Dynamics AX 2012 – Advanced Delimitations in Pay Agreements

Recently, a client presented a time and attendance use case of an overtime calculation for production workers with the following rules:

  • An 11-hour shift 4 days a week (Mon – Thu), the normal workweek of 44 hours
  • All working hours are recorded at the regular pay
  • Overtime is paid for over 40 hours a week
  • Overtime is paid at 50% of the regular pay
  • Only absences for holidays and vacation are included in 40 hours, other absences are not.


  1. A machine operator worked the regular shift of 44 hours
    • 44 hours of regular pay
    • 4 hours of overtime pay at 50%
  2. Monday is a holiday. The operator worked the rest of the week (Tue – Thu) as scheduled
    • 11 hours of holiday
    • 33 hours of regular pay
    • 4 hours of overtime pay at 50%
  3. Regular week, but the operator took 5 hours of vacation on Tue
    • 38 regular hours
    • 6 hours of vacation
    • 4 hours of overtime pay at 50%
  4. Regular week, but the operator was on Jury duty on Wed
    • 33 regular hours
    • 11 hours paid for Jury duty
    • No overtime

Because the overtime hours are paid at 50%, we suggest using Premiums. First, the Calculation parameters (Human resources > Setup > Time and attendance) have to be adjusted to include premiums for Legal absences:

Standard Time Premiums

A Time profile is set for shifts with 11 hours Mon – Thu. If it is a night shift, it might be such as:

Time Profile

A Count unit with minimum = 40 will be created for a Pay agreement:

Count Unit

The Pay agreement has a very simple line for Wage type = Standard time with reference for the regular pay type. However, we will use Wage type = Premiums instead of Overtime to calculate the overtime when the weekly standard time counts to 40:

Pay Agreement Lines

Absences are presented by absence codes: Holiday, Vacation, Family leave, Jury, Funeral. The only absences to be considered towards overtime are Holiday and Vacation. That is where the delimitation functionality is utilized.


The delimitation form is open from the Pay agreement lines (see above).The form has two panes. The upper pane allows selecting the pay rule to delimit the chosen pay agreement line, the lower pane is for setting up the condition that specifies when to use the delimitation.

To specify that the Premium be paid only for some absences (Holiday and Vacation), we select the Pay rule for the Absence codes:


and the conditions as shown:

Unfortunately, at the moment it looks like this functionality is disabled in Dynamics 365. The button exists on the form but it is disabled:

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