Customer Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

Microsoft has recently released an enhancement that allows for Customer changes to be approved in Workflow.  There are many business reasons for adding a layer of approval to customer record changes.  Maybe you want an approval to change the payment terms or maybe you want an approval to change the customer credit limit.  In any case, here is how you would enable this functionality.

Customer Workflow Configuration

Go to Accounts Receivable > Accounts Receivable Parameters > General > Customer approval.

Under Enable Customer Approvals, set the flag to YES.  (This created selection boxes below for all applicable fields).  In the drop-down menu for Data entity behavior select Create Change Proposals.  The default value is Allow changes without approval.  If you do not want any changes to be made on customer records, select Reject changes.

Select which fields you will require an approval.

Any field that is enabled will be labeled as (requires approval) on the Customer Record Form

Configure the Workflow

Once the configuration is complete, the workflow will need to be set up.

Go to Accounts Receivable > Setup > Accounts Receivable Workflows

Configure the workflow to address your business approval requirements.   Maybe you want the credit approvals directed to a Credit and Collections Manager and the Terms of payment approvals directed to an Accounts Receivable Manager.

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