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Your Guide to the Microsoft Dynamics Community

Microsoft Dynamics is lucky to have a thriving peer community, dedicated to providing opportunities for continuous education and networking. There are local and national events happening monthly in the United States and internationally. 

Below you will find an updated history of the community and the current available resource guides to help you stay connected in your journey with Microsoft Dynamics! If you are looking for learning opportunities, visit the Ellipse Solutions Learning Hub here to view our education page to find out more. 

Microsoft Dynamics Community Resources

Resources available: Local event management, Forums, Discussion group, Networking 

In 2021, Microsoft committed to creating an agnostic online space for users to set-up user groups, post in discussion boards, and an on-going space to assist in the coordination of user meetings, information sharing, and general communication. 

Currently, they are holding regular monthly user group leader meetings, the offer teams tenants to aid in the communication efforts, and event creation tools for meeting promotional use and as calendar invites. 

How to access: Microsoft User Community is the main site for community activity. This is a jumping off point to various resources, such as forums, blogs, and the actual user groups! You will find information on each Dynamics 365 product. Listed by APP, including previous versions. 

User groups can be searched by region, you can find events, and even start a group if you are interested.  

Membership: This site is free to join. All that is required is Microsoft login credentials. 

Microsoft hosted events: Microsoft is not currently hosting any user group specific events. Click here and search for general upcoming Microsoft events. Also, check out Community Days for a broader look at community events. 

Resources available: Local event management, Live events, Virtual events, Forums, Networking, Training, On-demand content (YouTube), Webinars, Partner/ISV information 

DUG was founded in 1995 as an independent user group to empower everyday users, administrators, developers, and partners with the tools and information required to excel in their professions. DUG has since grown to include online discussion forums, video content, training programs, and live interactive virtual and in-person events. These are just some of the resources available with their free membership. In 2020, they accelerated their mission to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 community of application users and professionals, helping community members working in all types of organizations stay connected and skill-up for the future.  

How to access: DUG HUB is the main site. From the DUG HUB, you can access various resources such as forums, webinars, training, and the platform they use for organizing events, Meet-ups. This currently encompasses all the products and each Meet-up, is unique to the region. If you do not see a local Meet-up group, click on the “Contact Us” button to get in touch with DUG.   

Membership: This site is free to join. All that is required is an account on Some of the content experiences like SKILL-UP, might involve a one-time fee.  

DUG hosted events: Dynamics Con Virtual is 100% free and curated and voted on by the public!  

Dynamics Con Live is an in-person, traditional conference started in 2021 and is growing stronger each year. There are multiple tracks, covering each product and 100’s of educational sessions, along with networking opportunities to deeper your relationship in the community. 

Resources available: Live events, Forums, Discussion group, Networking, Training, On-demand content, Partner/ISV information 

In 2003, a few users organized a meeting to discuss common issues in Axapta, this quickly grew into DCI, the UG community for D365 (AX), BC (NAV), CE (CRM), GP, and POWER. At the height of DCI’s UG mission, it supported Local UG’s around the world on its website platform and hosted annual user group events in the US and internationally, with Summit NA as the flagship! 

In 2020, after being acquired by a private equity group and the forced shutdown of in-person activity caused by the pandemic, DCI chose to evaluate and re-invent the organization and its mission. They have remained focused on the community with a fresh perspective on how to provide support and value to an ever-growing landscape of D365 users.  

How to access: The Dynamics Communities main site is filled with resources such as forums, curated content, and on-demand access to educational sessions. There are specific pages for each “Community” such as D365 FO/AX, CE/CRM, etc. 

Membership: This site requires a membership to enjoy all the content available. The individual fee is currently $49 per year, with options for corporate or enterprise level membership as well.   

DCI hosted events: Summit NA is currently the largest in-person, traditional user group conference for Dynamics 365. There are in-depth academy training sessions, product and industry breakout days, multiple tracks, covering each product and 100’s of educational sessions, along with networking opportunities to deeper your relationship in the community. 

The Summit Roadshows are in full swing and they are bringing the look and feel of Summit in a skinny version to a region near you, the best news, these events are FREE! Check out the locations and sign-up to keep the community love flowing!