Coach’s Clipboard: The ROI of Microsoft Dynamics Training

Now that we have launched our revamped Dynamics Coach training service for Dynamics 365 Users, you can expect to see more content to go with it! To give you a quick rundown of our newest Coach offering, Live Virtual Courses are:

  • Step by step functional and technical training
  • Microsoft certified curriculum
  • Personally guided study assistance for Microsoft exams

Sounds pretty cool, right? Now let’s take a closer look at why YOU as a User would be interested in this type of training, and why YOUR BOSS should be on board.

For a User

These courses are, by design, all about empowering Dynamics 365 Users. Coach courses focus on building functional and technical knowledge of the system, and then walking through the how-to of actually putting that knowledge to work.

As a User, our coaches strive to put you in the driver’s seat of your Dynamics 365 solution. Sure, as a Partner we love consulting and help desk hours, but we are also firm believers in the idea that an empowered customer is the best customer. Expanding knowledge in the functional and technical courses offered by Dynamics Coach puts you on the path to greater self-sufficiency not just for your organization now, but for anywhere your career takes you.

Want to take it a step further? As mentioned above, each course is Microsoft certified curriculum that correlates directly to a Microsoft exam. For instance, you may be interested in greater understanding and efficiency of your Dynamics 365 solution so you take the “Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Fundamentals” course. While it wasn’t your reason for taking the course, you will be prepared for the MB-300 exam and the Microsoft cert that goes with it. While they change and evolve over time, Microsoft certifications never go out of style and are a great way to advance your career… Unless you hate updating LinkedIn and your resume with awesome stuff?

benefits of Microsoft certification


  • Growth for your career through gained knowledge, understanding & potentially certifications (if you take the correlating Microsoft exams)
  • Self-sufficiency in your daily use of your Dynamics 365 solution
  • Expanded use of D365 functionality making daily use of Dynamics 365 solution more efficient

For the Boss

“Let me stop you right there. I don’t want to pay for this.” – Your boss, probably.

We get it, but if they are willing to hear you out here’s some ammo to get you started! We don’t know how well you are being paid, the truth is it doesn’t matter. We can promise this:

The cost of training employees (who already know all about the business processes and needs of the organization) to use Dynamics 365 at a higher level, is A LOT less expensive than having to call in a Partner (who will need to learn and understand the process and needs of the organization) for every twist and turn.

While we can’t say a Partner will never be needed for support again, there isn’t likely to be buyer’s remorse when it comes to improving the self-sufficiency of employees in Dynamics. The continual education of the work force will always be a solid business strategy and investment.


  • The daily operations of the business will be smoother, more efficient, and less Partner-reliant with a well-trained team. Add in better team morale and long-term savings, what’s there for a boss to complain about?

Check out the cool things we have planned with Dynamics Coach, including the new live virtual courses, here:

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