It’s Time to Migrate – D365 Human Resources

Birds aren’t the only ones who need to do some migrating this spring – Microsoft has announced that the automated migration tools for lifting and shifting the Human Resources app into Dynamics 365 is generally available for customers! Just in case you forgot, Microsoft announced the merging of HR offerings in the Fall of 2021.…

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Following the Path: Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Journey

Over the past 3 months, Microsoft has been shaking up the business world, making waves with Artificial Intelligence and looking to innovate how people use and interact with their software offerings. We briefly discussed Microsoft’s investment into OpenAI in an earlier blog, The Continuation of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft, and boy howdy, have there been…

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Improve your Introduction Skills

Let’s face it, our face-to-face personal skills have taken a back seat to virtual greetings on tiny screens. The typical meeting today is like conversing with the cast of the Brady Bunch except they are floating on top of marginally effective green screen backgrounds. Not to mention the ubiquitous “You’re On Mute” chorus that I…

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Bobby Small’s 5 SUPER Reasons to Attend DynamicsCon

DynamicsCon 2022 virtual

If this event were a superhero utility belt, there are at least five go-to elements you would need to grab for: Cost, Content, Keynotes, Superheroes, and Networking! 1. FREE There are not many events of this significance that are absolutely FREE! Nada, nil, zilch, zero dollars. What a huge value to the community. Yes, it…

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Re-Joins the Finance & Operations Fold

D365 Human Resources full circle

What’s that they say about everything coming full circle? Well, it certainly checks out with Human Resources and Dynamics 365. For those keeping track at home: HR was available as a module of Dynamics AX Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations retained an HR module Dynamics 365 Talent developed standalone HR capabilities Dynamics 365 became Dynamics…

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Dynamics 365 Licensing Update – October 2020

dynamics 365 licensing mug

Hello and welcome to every Dynamics user’s favorite recurring topic… LICENSING! Per the usual, we have some changes to discuss this October. It is a good idea to talk over the changes with your Partner (or us ?) to see how your organization’s present or future plans might be affected. Feel free to call us,…

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Dynamics 365 Finance – U.S. Payroll Tax Updates Support Extended

dynamics 365 payroll tax update

That’s right, support for tax updates in Dynamics 365 Finance Payroll isn’t ending in October 2021 anymore. In fact, with support now extended through July 31, 2024, customers have some time to think through their options moving forward. “Keep on keepin’ on.” So what does that mean for Dynamics 365 Finance customers already using the…

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Business Applications Summit – a “Virtual” Success?

Business Applications Summit Virtual

Yes, like many of you, we were supposed to be at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in-person last week, but with the state of the world that could not happen. We have to admit that, in our opinion, the biggest benefit to attending a conference like this is not the content, but seeing friends and…

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