Voucher Templates vs Periodic Journals in Dynamics 365

periodic journals dynamics d365

Maybe you have read all the documentation and all the manuals but still, it seems that voucher templates and periodic journals serve the same purpose. Both may have similar functionality, and both can aid in consistency and speed, but today’s blog post will explore the differences between voucher templates and periodic journals in Microsoft Dynamics…

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Dynamics 365 Segregation of Duties 101

segregation of duties rules

How does your business control the segregation of duties?  Do your auditors examine the system and notice a multitude of users having access to more functions than they probably should?  Has ownership been pestering you about Johnny in accounting with ability to create new vendors, then enter and approve vendor invoices as well as make…

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We are just a few years past the core pandemic, USER GROUPS are back, and we are here for it! If you made it to Summit NA in Orlando last year, you witnessed a five-day immersive D365 experience! The 2023 event is quickly zooming into Charlotte, North Carolina, and is on track to be even…

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Organizing Org Charts in Dynamics 365 Sales

live org chart d365 sales

Staying on top of your accounts and managing them well in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is paramount to being a successful Sales organization.  “Knowing” your customer is a big part of being able to drive customer satisfaction and potentially generating new sales opportunities with your existing accounts and contacts.  A very useful feature in…

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Dynamics 365 Asset Management Warranty Policies for Facility Assets

all assets dynamics 365 asset management

Is there a filing cabinet full to the brim with facility asset warranty policies in an undisclosed office (because who remembers where those were filed)? How exciting would it be to know those warranty polices could be electronically kept within Dynamics 365? Today is your lucky day! Let’s dive into facility asset warranty setup within…

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Dynamics 365 Reality Check

Dynamics 365 Guides mixed reality

Nowadays it’s hard to know what is real and what is not especially in the realm of “Mixed Reality”.  Gamers have been using this technology for a while to enhance their gaming experience, however, recently Microsoft business applications have gotten into the game…pun intended.  With the latest version of D365 Finance & Operations, D365 Sales…

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Dynamics 365 – Engineering Change Management – Part 4 – Product Obsolescence

Welcome to the final Blog of our Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Engineering Change Management series! As a reminder, the features mentioned in the previous blogs will need to be enabled before using D365 SCM Engineering Change Management. Now, let’s talk about product retirement or obsolescence. As everyone knows, consumers want the newest, best available version…

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