Dynamics 365 – Send a Customer Case with Azure SMS

PowerAutomate SMS Customer Case

One of the most common customer service practices is to notify the customer when they have submitted a new incident with the incident number and a message about the expected resolution time.  Historically this was done with an email sent to the customer’s email address for their tracking purposes, but that was so 2010!  It’s…

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We are just a few years past the core pandemic, USER GROUPS are back, and we are here for it! If you made it to Summit NA in Orlando last year, you witnessed a five-day immersive D365 experience! The 2023 event is quickly zooming into Charlotte, North Carolina, and is on track to be even…

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Organizing Org Charts in Dynamics 365 Sales

live org chart d365 sales

Staying on top of your accounts and managing them well in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is paramount to being a successful Sales organization.  “Knowing” your customer is a big part of being able to drive customer satisfaction and potentially generating new sales opportunities with your existing accounts and contacts.  A very useful feature in…

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Dynamics 365 Connected Customer Service Example

iot alerts d365 customer service hub

In a world of “Internet of Things” (IoT), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to proactively service your customer’s needs almost without them knowing about it?  As our world is more connected than ever now, IoT provides service organizations abilities to monitor and identify equipment issues before they become even larger and more unmanageable. …

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Dynamics 365 Commerce Scale Unit CSU Core

Dynamics 365 Commerce: CSU Core and Commerce SDK – Revolutionizing the Platform  Dynamics 365 Commerce, Microsoft’s powerful commerce platform, has introduced new features and enhancements that are transforming how the platform is used.   The introduction of CSU Core and Commerce SDK brings improved efficiency, performance, and flexibility to the platform, benefiting customers and partners…

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Dynamics 365 Reality Check

Dynamics 365 Guides mixed reality

Nowadays it’s hard to know what is real and what is not especially in the realm of “Mixed Reality”.  Gamers have been using this technology for a while to enhance their gaming experience, however, recently Microsoft business applications have gotten into the game…pun intended.  With the latest version of D365 Finance & Operations, D365 Sales…

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Dynamics 365 Sales – Managing Customer Quotes

multi-entity business flow

Most sales truly begin when a customer asks the sales rep to send them a quote. In Dynamics 365 Sales (D365) a quote is a customer request for products or services at specific prices, quantities, payment terms, etc.  As one can imagine quotes are a major component in D365 Sales. It is a basis of…

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Dynamics Con Live 2023

Scottsdale is getting ready for double the fun and double the Dynamics 365 attendees at Dynamics Con Live: Scottsdale!! This 4-day event is kicking off Monday, May 22nd, with an opening reception at an Oasis in the desert, glam-glow paint style! {Let this bit of coolness sink in for a minute!} The growth of this…

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Following the Path: Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Journey

Over the past 3 months, Microsoft has been shaking up the business world, making waves with Artificial Intelligence and looking to innovate how people use and interact with their software offerings. We briefly discussed Microsoft’s investment into OpenAI in an earlier blog, The Continuation of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft, and boy howdy, have there been…

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