“Board” with Dynamics 365 Sales views? Kanban to the rescue!

kanban board dynamics 365

One of the newer and more interesting control features being offered in Dynamics 365 Sales is something that will be familiar to Agile followers.  A Kanban board is a useful approach to see how work flows through your processes and helps visualize where a particular work item is in the process. A Kanban board can…

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Setting up PowerApps Canvas with Dynamics 365 Data

data canvas app powerapps

In a rapidly evolving world of how data is collected and processed, Microsoft has focused on a multitude of strategies to assist organizations to stay ahead of the curve. One such approach is the “Low code – No code” technology that empowers functionally oriented power users to build quality applications that can help rapidly adapt…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Phone Call Tagging…You’re It!

dynamics 365 new phone call

One of the many issues facing businesses is not only how to track different types of activities with their contacts and accounts, but “what” was the context of this activity.  One of the most common activities in Dynamics 365 is the phone call.  While the phone call activity does provide a subject field, this field…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Knowledge Base

dynamics 365 knowledge search

Knowledge is Power! How do you manage your knowledge in your customer service organization and get this in the hands of your customers?  This is a problem that has presented itself to many service providers for many years.  What about those “special” cases that took you so much time to solve a problem or a…

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Retail Advancements Made Possible by Microsoft D365 Copilot

The retail industry is booming and businesses are leveraging technology to navigate the ever-changing industry challenges. Microsoft has certainly taken notice and has continued to invest in developing and providing solutions powered by Microsoft Cloud for Retail. By applying recent developments in Microsoft D365 Copilot to business applications often utilized in the retail space (such…

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Microsoft is ‘Chipping’ into Artificial Intelligence 

At Microsoft’s Ignite conference in November, they announced two artificial intelligence chips that they are releasing. The first being ‘Maia 100’ which is an AI graphics processing unit optimized for Artificial Intelligence tasks and generative AI, and the second chip is a Cobalt 100 Arm chip which is aimed at general computing tasks on the…

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Empowering Non-Profit Organizations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a world where non-profits play a vital role in addressing societal challenges, managing operations efficiently and maintaining clear communication is crucial. These organizations come in many sizes and focus areas and whether a small local initiative or a large international non-profit, Microsoft offers scalable options to cater to the unique needs of each organization.…

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Dynamics 365 – Send a Customer Case with Azure SMS

PowerAutomate SMS Customer Case

One of the most common customer service practices is to notify the customer when they have submitted a new incident with the incident number and a message about the expected resolution time.  Historically this was done with an email sent to the customer’s email address for their tracking purposes, but that was so 2010!  It’s…

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