Bringing IoT & Dynamics 365 Together in the Field

IoT Dynamics 365 field service

No doubt you’ve heard of the infinitely numerous possibilities presented by the Internet of Things for businesses of all kinds. In Field Service, more and more of these potential IoT solutions are becoming reality every day. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ this technology has the power to disrupt and transform the way companies do business in the field, but ‘when’. Interestingly enough, what might be slowing down this “digital transformation” (tired of that phrase yet?) could be the ability of organizations to apply the real-time data and information of these IoT-enabled devices to their operations in a meaningful way.

Customers of field service companies have become more and more demanding as they perceive the usefulness of all of this at a much quicker pace than the Field Service companies themselves.  Predictive maintenance, instant real-time notifications of problems with machinery installed in the field and a company that can react quickly are driving customers to companies that can provide these levels of service.  Is that you?  Can your company remain competitive without this technology?  Welcome to the 21st century.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an IoT suite that not only provides drivers for many common machines and installed technologies, but it can be simply integrated with a state of the art Field Service solution based on Microsoft’s acquisition of Field One.

Are you ready to look into it?  Or will you allow your company to be left behind?

Ellipse Solutions not only has experience with Field Service and IoT, but we understand how Field Service companies can take advantage of price points that have dropped dramatically in the last 2 years.

Are you ready? Check out our website or contact us to learn more!

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