“Board” with Dynamics 365 Sales views? Kanban to the rescue!

One of the newer and more interesting control features being offered in Dynamics 365 Sales is something that will be familiar to Agile followers.  A Kanban board is a useful approach to see how work flows through your processes and helps visualize where a particular work item is in the process.

kanban board dynamics 365

A Kanban board can be a very collaborative tool to help manage your work streams, so why shouldn’t a Sales team in Dynamics 365 be able to use something so useful…? NOW they CAN!

I present to you the D365 Kanban view control.

ynamics 365 kanban control

The Kanban control is now available to be used for Opportunities and Activities views to be displayed with this control, but I’m sure there will be MORE to come.  In Opportunities, you have a choice between viewing the board as the opportunity relates to the “Opportunity to Sales” business process stage or the opportunity status, but Activities can only be viewed by status with the Kanban control.

 kanban control activities dynamics 365

To show either your Opportunities or Activities as a Kanban board view, you need to add the Kanban control to your Opportunity and/or Activity entities in Dynamics, then the option will show under the “…” on the views.

activities opportunities kanban view d365

Usually you hear… “don’t be a drag”, but here we want you to be a drag!  With the Kanban control you are able to drag opportunity or activity items across the swim lanes and change the status.  It’s an easy way to update the status or change the business process stage of an item.

opportunity sales process kanban

When you drag an out-of-the-box activity card from the “Open” lane to either Closed or Cancelled, then the activity will be in a “Closed” status and locked on the Kanban board.

cancelled activity kanban board dynamics 365 sales

  • You can’t reopen an inactive activity other than the Campaign Response activity. An inactive/locked card of Campaign Response activity can be moved back from Completed or Canceled lanes to the Open lane.
  • There’s no restrictions on the movement of custom activity cards—they can be moved from any lane to any lane.
  • When you’re dragging a card to move to another lane, the lanes where the card can’t be dropped appear dimmed.

Next time you are looking over your Opportunities or Activities in D365 Sales give Kanban a try…especially if you are “board” with your current view of things.

Check out these Microsoft docs for more information:

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