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Automating Continuous Updates in D365

April 13th, 2023

Microsoft D365’s Continuous Updates is a revolution in cloud ERP software. It can be one of the greatest benefits of the investment in D365 if managed properly; however, taking updates manually can be overwhelming in addition to being a huge risk to your business.

In this session, learn about how Microsoft delivers these Continuous Updates and what tools are in place to help automate this process. Whether you are on D365, in the process of migrating or implementing, or if you are still on AX and are planning for your upgrade, understanding how to automate this process is critical to your success with the system. Join us to understand how to best manage this process and what automation of this entails. Including:

• Continuous Updates requirements and frequency
• Benefits vs risks of automated vs manual
• Available tools and how to leverage them
• How to automate your Continuous Update process

Webinar Graphic - Continuous Updates