Automatic Charges in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

During a recent implementation a customer required the ability to automatically access Charges on Sales orders and Sales quotations based on different criteria. Luckily Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) handles many different charge scenarios out of the box. Just a quick note- this post will detail the setup from a Sales perspective but similar functionality is available for the Purchasing side.

Customer Charge Codes

The first step to automatically applying charges to an order is to setup a Charge code. These codes are used to track different types of Charges and determine how each one will post. Later these Charges will be used along with Customer, Item and/or Delivery Charge groups to be systematically added to orders based on pre-defined criteria. Below are the steps to create a new Charge code:

1. Navigate to Account receivable > Charges setup > Charge codes

2. Enter a unique Code and a description. In this example, the Code is for a Fuel surcharge:

charges codes d365

3. Next, it is time to determine who will pay this charge and how it will be posted. Under the Posting fast tab the user is able to configure both the Debit and Credit side of the entry. There are three options in the Type dropdown:

  • Item- adds the charge to the item’s cost
  • Ledger account- main account where the Debit or Credit is posted
  • Customer/Vendor- charge is added to the customer or vendor balance

charges codes posting

Customer, Item, and Delivery Charge Groups

Charge groups are used to group similar Charges that apply to a Customer, Item, or Mode of Delivery. A charge group is created using a unique identifier and description and then assigned to the master record.

  • Customer Charge groups are created under Accounts receivable > Charges setup > Customer charge groups and subsequently assigned to a Customer record under the Sales order default fast tab.

customer charge groups

all customers pine shopping

  • Item Charge groups are created under Accounts receivable > Charges setup > Item charge groups and subsequently assigned to a Release product under the Sell fast tab.

item charge groups

item charge group plastic case

  • Delivery Charge groups are created under Accounts receivable > Charges setup > Delivery charge groups and subsequently assigned to a Mode of delivery

delivery charges groups

modes of delivery

Auto charges

Now the exciting part! After Charge groups and Codes are configured and appropriately assigned, it is time to setup Auto charges. These charges can be automatically assigned to the Sales order Header or Lines. Follow the below steps to create a Fuel Auto charge for Tier A Customers when Products are delivery Ground transportation.

1. Create a new Header level Auto charge by navigating to Accounts receivable > Charges setup > Auto charges.

2. In the account code, select Group then select the Tier A Customer charge group in the Customer relation field.

3. In the mode of delivery code, select Group then select the Group delivery charge group in the Mode of delivery relation field.

auto charges

4. Under the lines Fast tab add a new line using the Fuel Charges code. Select fixed in the category dropdown and assign a Charges value of $25.


Sales order auto charges

Next create a Sales order for a Tier A customer that will be delivered via truck.

create sales order

Notice on the Sell ribbon under Charges the $25 Fuel charge is automatically applied to the order!

charge automatically applied to order

maintain charges

Need help setting up Auto Charge for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Visit our Help Desk Support page to see how our experts can help!

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