Dynamics 365 – Vendor Demographics

dynamics 365 vendor search

Today’s post focuses on tracking and reporting Vendor Demographics in Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. This functionality typically becomes more relevant for Dynamics deployments dealing with a lot of customers engaged in government, military or enterprise level contracts.  Many such contracts require tracking of vendors based on their demographics.  A number of…

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Global Number Sequences for Vendors & Customers in Dynamics 365

new record vendor d365

A recent client inquiry regarding a requirement to share selected vendors between legal entities within Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain spurred discussions on formalizing the process of setting up global Number sequences.  The client had the same vendor list across companies in AX 2009. However, the requirement in D365 is to have the list…

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Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain – Punch Clocks for Projects

project activities dynamics 365 punch clock

In Dynamics 365, The Time and Attendance solution is known for being used in general attendance tracking, in conjunction with manufacturing implementations, in order to record worker jobs and clock in/outs. However, its availability with Projects within D365 is often overlooked. This post focuses on how this functionality can be utilized for project worker’s clock…

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain – Creating a Backorder Intentionally

dynamics 365 sales order update backorder

Backorders often carry a negative connotation, conjuring images of delays and dissatisfied customers. However, when managed strategically, a backorder can present an opportunity to exceed customer expectations by providing timely solutions. In this post, we’ll explore a scenario where the goal is to deliver the main product to the customer as promptly as possible, even…

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“Board” with Dynamics 365 Sales views? Kanban to the rescue!

kanban board dynamics 365

One of the newer and more interesting control features being offered in Dynamics 365 Sales is something that will be familiar to Agile followers.  A Kanban board is a useful approach to see how work flows through your processes and helps visualize where a particular work item is in the process. A Kanban board can…

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Setting up PowerApps Canvas with Dynamics 365 Data

data canvas app powerapps

In a rapidly evolving world of how data is collected and processed, Microsoft has focused on a multitude of strategies to assist organizations to stay ahead of the curve. One such approach is the “Low code – No code” technology that empowers functionally oriented power users to build quality applications that can help rapidly adapt…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Phone Call Tagging…You’re It!

dynamics 365 new phone call

One of the many issues facing businesses is not only how to track different types of activities with their contacts and accounts, but “what” was the context of this activity.  One of the most common activities in Dynamics 365 is the phone call.  While the phone call activity does provide a subject field, this field…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Knowledge Base

dynamics 365 knowledge search

Knowledge is Power! How do you manage your knowledge in your customer service organization and get this in the hands of your customers?  This is a problem that has presented itself to many service providers for many years.  What about those “special” cases that took you so much time to solve a problem or a…

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Tired of Creating Payment Proposals & Collections Letters? D365 Has The Answer!

collections process automation dynamics 365

Microsoft features for Credit and collections and Accounts Payable are incredible time-saving process automations to be taken advantage of. Enable the features Please start with the Feature management workspace and enable the features. Vendor payment proposal automation Navigate to Accounts payable > Setup > Payment setup and find Process automations. Select Create new process automation…

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