Apps, ERP, and IoT in Plastics Manufacturing

Apps, ERP and IoT in Plastics Manufacturing

Plastic Manufacturing is growing, and it remains a cutthroat industry. It’s no longer enough to simply have good products or an efficient manufacturing operations – you now need the proper systems and technology in place to succeed.

Your ERP runs your business, houses your master data, and is your primary system of record. On the other hand, users have grown accustomed to Office 365 products, and it’s not unusual to hear someone utter, “I wish this were as simple as a Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet.” Some ERPs allow for incredible personalization and customization, but those changes normally require Information Technology Resources and the associated time plus possible cost. The data and application world continues to grow at an astonishing rate with Twitter, Sharepoint, Mobile Apps, CRM, Salesforce, OneDrive, Dropbox, the Internet of Things and countless other applications and data sources contributing to this outlandishly growing future landscape.

Now, you can begin to integrate, synchronize, collect, control, notify and manage these disparate applications and data without the time, resources, cost, and headaches associated with writing code or annoying your IT group. Microsoft has embraced the whole Digital Transformation phenomenon, and is building the tools and services to do just this.

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