Microsoft Dynamics 365

The way businesses manage and run their operations has changed drastically over the last decade. Technology has advanced to a point that adoption of the latest software is critical to the future success of an organization.

Is your business ready for a digital transformation? Get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into a variety of applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Start with what you need
Start your ERP journey with the right fit for your business. Choose only what your organization needs and grow at your own pace.

Productivity where you need it
Empower your employees with productivity tools for each of their daily business processes.

Built-in Intelligence
Common processes are fully integrated with big data, advanced analytics, and IoT to guide employees to optimal outcomes and better decision making.

Unrivaled scalability for growing companies
Adapt and innovate in real-time with a wide selection of flexible, extensible business applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Applications Required:

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


Born in the cloud, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations brings organizations a scalable solution that matches the needs of their business with a single ERP with specific, purpose built apps for each of your key business processes.

Applications Required:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Dynamics 365 delivers the full spectrum of CRM through five individual apps - Purchase what your business needs now, and add others as those needs grow.

payroll garnishments in dynamics ax

Payroll Garnishments and Tax Levy Setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX

By Ryan Harris | May 6, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and R2* can be setup with mandatory payroll deductions for garnishments (i.e. child support order) and tax levies. In AX 2102 R3 and R2* setup can be performed using the same forms and controls utilized to setup payroll benefits. This simplifies data entry.  Then one can setup disposable income requirements…

creating inbound and outbound directories

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 AIF Integration for AP Invoice Journals

By Ryan Harris | April 29, 2015

Standard AX allows to create purchase invoice and invoice register (LedgerPurchaseInvoiceService) via Application Integration Framework (AIF). However, if you need to create Non-Purchase invoices (AP > Journals > Invoices > Invoice Journal), then you will need to create your own custom AIF service. In this article we will explain in details how to do that.…

close procedure check cost prices dynamics ax

Preparing and Running Inventory Closing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

By Ryan Harris | April 22, 2015

The inventory close process for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (AX 2012) is run periodically for all inventory valuation methods (I.e. FIFO, FEFO, Weight average, LIFO) except standard.  The inventory close process settles issue transaction to the appropriate receipt transactions based on the inventory value method selected for the item.  Until inventory close or inventory recalculation…

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